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Fatigue Assessment Matrix

The fatigue assessment matrix was developed as part of the Safer Nursing 24/7 project, using data from the 2016 - 2017 nationwide survey of registered and enrolled nurses,  and follows the approach used in the Australian Medical Association National Code of Practice – Hours of Work, Shift Work and Rostering for Hospital Doctors.  The matrix can be used to assess the fatigue-related risk associated with a particular roster.  Higher matrix scores predicted higher likelihood of fatigue-related outcomes.  The matrix matrix is scored on work in the last 7 days and summarised below and a spreadsheet is provided for download.

Risk factor

Lower fatigue, score 0

Significant fatigue, score 1

Higher fatigue,

score 2

1.      Total hours worked


40 h+ to 48 h

>48 h

2.      Shift extensions ≥30 min


≤50% of days worked

>50% of days worked

3.      Breaks <9 h between shifts




4.      Number of nights




5.      Number of breaks ≥24 h between shifts




6.      Roster change


Roster change requested

Roster change not requested

7.      Number of nights sleep (2300 - 0700)

6-7 nights

4-5 nights

0-3 nights

8.      Number of nights got enough sleep to be fully rested

6-7 days

4-5 days

0-3 days

Download a Calculator for the Fatigue Assessment Matrix