Survey Findings

Executive Summary of Survey Findings

This Executive Summary provides an overview of a 2016-2017 nationwide survey of nurses’ work patterns in six practice areas. The survey is part of the Safer Nursing 24/7 project that is launching a new collaborative approach to managing fatigue and shift work among hospital-based nurses. The approach incorporates sector knowledge and experience with the latest fatigue science and international best practice in managing fatigue and shift work.

This summary and the full report (available on request from the authors) describe the analyses of the quantitative data from the nationwide survey. 


Published scientific articles

Gander, P., O’Keeffe, K., Santos-Fernandez, E., Huntington, A., Walker, L., & Willis, J. (2019). Fatigue and nurses’ work patterns: An online questionnaire survey. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 98, 67-74.

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